The Future of Film Production: Unleashing Content Potential

Film Operations Manager, Leo Ferri, shares his Key takeaways from The Media Production & Technology Show-show 2024

Film Operations Manager
5 Jun

Generative AI, remote collaboration and more...

Attending The Media Production & Technology Show 2024 in May 2024 at Olympia London, was an enlightening experience. Spending time meeting with suppliers, networking and visiting some of the sessions has reinforced how creativity and innovation are converging to revolutionise the media landscape. There were some reassuring moments where I reviewed some of the latest tech that we're already embracing at Toucan, and it was equally inspiring to see all the new stuff that's out there whilst connecting with industry peers for their opinions.


🎦 GenerativeAI and the (very near) Future of Video Production

Generative AI is set to shake up video production like in no way before! Right now, getting an outstanding result is related on creating an adequate and detailed prompt. But tech rumours are that soon, we’ll be able to edit AI generated video content. Imagine collaborating with AI as your co-pilot. This isn’t simply tech, it’s a creative revolution.

🎦 A New Way of Training and Learning Processes

Here’s a huge question: with tech evolving at lightning speed, how will we be constantly updated? Traditional training simply can’t do it. By the time a university path is rolled out, the tech has already changed, making the course outdated. The answer? Continuous, adaptive learning. We’ll have training programs that evolve in real-time with the technology.

🎦 Extreme Focus on Remote Collaboration

The importance of remote collaboration cannot be overstated. The use of cloud technology and real-time collaborative platforms is now essential. These enable professionals to collaborate to a single project from different corners of the globe, enhancing creativity and efficiency. Speed, reliability, and security in data sharing are paramount. The future of collaboration will be defined by our ability to maintain these standards while pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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