There's a new craft emerging...

Our creative partner considers the opportunities and threats of embracing new AI craft.

Creative Partner
19 Mar

There's a new craft emerging...

For some it's a threat.
For others an opportunity.
‍There's no denying AI is starting to encroach on the territories of purists.

For designers, writers, the art directors, camera operators, casting agents, editors...the new AI infused Under Armour ad featuring Anthony Joshua makes an uncomfortable watch.

It's a 'passable' film slickly edited together in next to no time, and most likely for a fraction of the cost.

It's likely to have many CMOs and CFOs questioning whether their brand should follow suit.

It's pretty clever when you think about how such a piece can be made by some well chosen prompts and synthesised by a few platforms.

We absolutely have to acknowledge the creative world is moving on, at pace.

Where this story needs to really focus is not at the creative production end, but at the consumer's.

Where every single brief (in my opinion) needs to start.

What do they feel when they see such an overtly AI generated execution?

What does it say about the brand and the message it's sending out?

That artificiality is all people are worth?

That they don't mind cutting corners in how they communicate?

That they don't want to have a human-to-human connection with brand loyalists?

That perhaps their budgets have been slashed and, unlike AJ's last fight, they're on the ropes and hoping for the bell to ring.

The film is what it is and there have been some smart people grafting and crafting on this, for sure.

But for me, the lack of a human story, a central human character, and human involvement throughout the production, really highlights the artificiality of this piece before the intelligence.

What do you think?

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