Nuria McGlinchey joins the agency as Creative Strategy Director to support agency growth (pictured with Creative Partner, Rob Steeles)

Marketing Director
5 Jun

Toucan have grown its creative and strategic expertise, bringing in Nuria McGlinchey as Creative Strategy Director, to work with Rob Steeles, Creative Partner.

Nuria brings to Toucan a wealth of creative and strategic experience - and a prolific use of the word “why” - from a career spanning TV, Branding, Media and PR, where she has spent her time entertaining and building audiences, and finding authentic stories and cultural relevance for household brands and businesses.

Working in entertainment at the BBC she honed her creative inquisitiveness, getting close to audiences and culture to understand what makes them tick. And forecasting the stories, formats and content that would find authentic places in the nation’s hearts and minds, getting them talking and sharing in channels well beyond the TV screen.

That training ground and approach has seen Nuria deliver creative and cultural strategies - and the big ideas that expand brand universes - for some of the world’s leading brands. Helping them shift consumer interaction from transactional to one of shared value and appreciation.

Such is her passion and belief for creative thinking, Nuria has developed and run creativity workshops for colleagues, clients and leadership teams. Helping them approach challenges differently to get to new, cut-through thinking. And guiding teams to work more effectively and achieve better results.

Now, Nuria returns to her storytelling roots, bringing everything she has learned about reaching mass and niche audiences to shift marketing and brand metrics. More effective stories, reaching more people, in the places and formats they want to engage with.

Nuria’s collaborative style is a great fit for Toucan, where a diverse team brings different perspectives and approaches to every brief. Seeing and connecting the seemingly random dots is where Nuria sees her super-power. She’s as happy leading the charge as she is to ‘support and assist’ on a big idea.  “No-one else thinks like you” is the phrase that’s followed her around throughout her career. (Going by her work, we’re confident this is meant as a compliment!)

Lynn Chambers, MD and Founder of Toucan comments: "We are thrilled to have Nuria join our Toucan family. She brings a fresh perspective that is already helping us, and our clients think outside the box, to better connect with audiences in a human and relevant way."

With a focus on collaboration, and helping everyone tap into the benefits of thinking differently,  Toucan - The Strategic Storytelling Consultancy, is confident that the addition of Nuria McGlinchey to its team will reinforce its position as a leading creative force in the industry.

By leveraging Nuria’s diverse experience, skills, and expertise, Toucan will bolster its ability to connect brands with people, to deliver tangible results for clients.

Nuria says “I'm so excited to be back in the world of storytelling at a time when audiences expect brands to be so much more than a product or service and transaction. People expect, and want, to be able to interact with brands on a deeper level across a whole brand universe. They want to be brand fans because aligning with the right brands forms part of their social currency. They actively seek to share space with the ones they feel represent their own passions and values. So, brands not only have permission, they are positively expected to be active participants in audience communities and conversations.”

McGlinchey continues: “Brands are adopting culture and content, as well as commerce models (Red Bull have been doing it since the 80s!) -  not only being part of, but creating and influencing culture and entertainment. And as budgets for traditional news and entertainment dwindle, there's a real opportunity for brands to step in and add genuine value. But authenticity and relevance are key. Consumers are autonomous creators and curators, so, if you want to connect with them, your story, and how you tell it, is everything”.

Toucan looks forward to the exciting creativity and strategic  thinking that will come from this team for our clients and our own business - the positive impact of which we are already enjoying.


Toucan - The Strategic Storytelling Consultancy - has been operating since 2014. Founded by Lynn Chambers, MD, and Sally Nettleton, Co-Director / Head of Content & Culture, Toucan specialises in helping businesses and brands tell their stories through film, experiences, and campaigns. The female-led 20+ strong Wandsworth-based agency has recently won awards for its expertise in delivering global event campaigns and fostering excellent long-standing client partnerships. Clients include GSK, The Kings Fund, Danaher and Red Bull.

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