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What Communication Directors told us are their priorities for 2024

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20 Dec


In November 2023, our team had the privilege of attending the Communication Directors Forum, meticulously organised by Richmond Events at The Grove in Hertfordshire. This two-day networking event provided a unique platform for Communication Directors to connect with agencies, share upcoming strategic priorities, and collectively tackle challenges in the ever-evolving field of communication.

Engaging Discussions:

During the forum, our team, comprising Strategic Partnerships Manager Jess Jones, Creative Partner Rob Steeles, and myself, had the opportunity to engage with over 30 clients. These discussions delved into the intricate challenges faced by Communication professionals as they steer their organisations through the ever-changing push for digital transformation.

Common Challenges:

The conversations revealed common challenges that resonate with many Communication Directors. From grappling with organisational change to navigating the adoption of new technologies amid rapid digital transformation, the challenges were diverse yet interconnected. It was inspiring to witness a collaborative spirit, with clients openly sharing suggestions and experiences to collectively solve strategic priorities.

The key challenges for 2024 shared by senior comms professionals:

- Organisational Change: Strategies for managing change within the organisation.

- Tech Adoption: Staying abreast of technological advancements and the pace of digital transformation.

- Mergers and Acquisitions: Guiding and engaging employees through periods of organisational transition.

- Frontline Worker Engagement: Effectively communicating with non-desk-based frontline/field workers.

- Talent Acquisition and Retention: Attracting and retaining top talent in a competitive landscape.

- Hybrid Employee Experience: Designing a compelling employee experience in a hybrid work environment.

- Cultural Embedding: Strategies for embedding and nurturing organisational culture.

- Internal Communication Platforms: Managing platforms, segmenting audiences, and curating content to avoid overload.

- Employee Engagement Trends: Staying current with the latest trends and methods for employee engagement.

- Leadership Support: Supporting leadership teams through strategic cascade and personal brand development.

- AI Integration: Unspoken but prevalent, the challenge of integrating AI into communication strategies.

- ESG, DE&I, and Sustainability: Showcasing initiatives across organisations and to external communities.

The Unspoken Challenge – AI:

Interestingly, while AI was an underlying challenge for everyone, it wasn't explicitly on the agenda. The overwhelming pace of change took precedence over deliberating decisions on developing bespoke best practices for AI.

Moving Forward:

Excited about the prospect of aiding our newfound friends, we look forward to implementing creative and innovative solutions to align, inspire, and engage their teams with the organisations they devote the majority of their working hours to.

Connect with Us:

If any of these challenges resonate with you, we invite you to take advantage of our 20-minute, no-obligation clinics. Let's discuss your unique challenges and explore how we can help you navigate the dynamic landscape of communication in 2024. Contact us today to schedule your session.

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