Toucan wins Best Hybrid Event at Conference & Event Awards 2023

Toucan celebrates winning the Best Hybrid or Virtual Event for the GSK rebrand 'Ahead Together'.


In 2022, post-pandemic and amidst economic uncertainty, with Toucan’s help, GSK completed one of the biggest demergers in global history. A time of instability became an opportunity to unite and inspire their workforce, with an iconic global hybrid event to build confidence and belief in GSK’s future.

Judges commented:

“High production values agreed at conception to make the virtual experience high quality. Logistically challenging content and stakeholder management across continents but a determination to keep the quality of experience uppermost. The technology stack reads very impressively with the quality of user experience as a common thread. The results metrics read very well and the client objectives have been well and truly exceeded. An excellent submission with great supporting material helping judges to see the effort and UX - across both audiences.”

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