This month's round up includes adventures in virtual realms, powering up storytelling and more...

Founder & Managing Director
10 May

What a whirlwind month it's been in our colourful nest!

We're well into the second quarter of the year and it's speeding by already! There's so much happening across the agency, I thought it useful to share a monthly update to our community, starting with a reflection of April.

1. Triumphs at Iconic Landmarks:

We soared to new heights by clinching a prestigious pitch for a two-day extravaganza at London's famed Tate Modern and Tower Bridge, happening later this year. Get ready to paint the town Toucan!

2. Unveiling New Horizons:

We unleashed our creative prowess with the launch of an electrifying brand awareness campaign for a U.S.-based client we've been nurturing for months. Stay tuned for the full scoop next month – it's going to be a blockbuster!

3. Adventures in Virtual Realms:

Our journey led us to explore the boundless possibilities of Europe's largest fixed virtual production facilities at ARRI Stage London, courtesy of our friends at Creative Technology. Brace yourselves for mind-bending production possibilities coming your way soon!

4. Powering Up with Storytelling:

We empowered event enthusiasts everywhere with the launch of our downloadable guide on how to Supercharge your Event with Storytelling. Click here to find out more and unlock the secrets!

5. Spotlight on our Fearless Leader:

I received the honor of judging two categories at the upcoming Conference and Events Awards 2024. With judging complete, we eagerly await the grand reveal of the winners on July 5th. Check out the shortlist here!

6. Lights, Camera, Action!

We rolled out the red carpet with the completion of 22 films and ceremony planning for the annual GSK IMPACT Awards in partnership with The King’s Fund. Get your popcorn ready for the grand screening on May 16th – more details coming your way next month!

7. Future-Proofing Toucan:

We spread our wings and soared higher at the 'Future Proofing Your Agency' event with The Agency Collective. It was a day filled with inspiration, insights, and a camaraderie that lifted our spirits sky-high. We loved it so much that we've joined the flock as proud members!

As we bid farewell to April and spread our wings for the adventures that await in May, let's remember to keep our beaks sharp, our colours vibrant, and our spirits soaring high!

I'm Lynn Chambers, Founder and Managing Director of Toucan Agency.

Connect with me here on Linkedin to stay in touch or subscribe to our own Linkedin channel here.

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